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Author: Mohamed Mustafa Orfi

Something Shall Remain in Manhattan


Something Shall Remain in Manhattan by Amb. Mohamed Mustafa Orfi is a captivating exploration of New York City's enduring impact on the lives of its inhabitants and visitors. Through his diplomatic lens, Orfi explores the cultural, social, and political dynamics of Manhattan, offering readers a unique perspective on the city's essence.

His narrative combines personal experiences with broader reflections on the urban landscape, highlighting the timeless allure of Manhattan.

The book is not just a memoir but also a thoughtful commentary on the city’s role as a global hub of innovation, diversity, and resilience. Orfi’s eloquent prose and keen observations provide an insightful analysis of how Manhattan continues to shape and be shaped by the people who walk its streets. This work is a tribute to the city’s spirit, capturing the essence of what makes Manhattan a place where something always remains, influencing the world in profound way