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Author: Paolo Trichilo

Diplomazia e letteratura


Paolo Trichilo's book, "Diplomacy and Literature. The Eight Diplomats Who Won the Nobel Prize in Literature," explores the fascinating intersection of diplomacy and literary achievement.

Published by ETPbooks in 2023, the book sheds light on eight diplomats who have been awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature: Gabriela Mistral (1945), Alexis Léger, alias Saint-John Perse (1960), Ivo Andrić (1961), Yorgos Seferis (1963), Miguel Ángel Asturias (1967), Pablo Neruda (1971), Czesław Miłosz (1980), and Octavio Paz (1990). These laureates come from diverse backgrounds and literary styles, but they all share the unique distinction of having served as diplomats.

Trichilo emphasizes that diplomacy, often stereotyped as mere social niceties, is a sophisticated art that blends political insight, cultural sensitivity, linguistic prowess, and the subtle power of persuasion. This complexity is mirrored in poetry, as noted by Indian diplomat and writer Abhay Kumar, who underscores the parallels between diplomatic language and poetic expression. Trichilo himself has had an illustrious diplomatic career since 1990, currently serving as Ambassador of Italy to Croatia. His extensive experience includes roles as ambassador to Slovenia, member of several special diplomatic delegations, and various positions in crisis management and counter-terrorism. Trichilo’s diverse background enriches his exploration of how diplomacy and literature intertwine, offering a unique perspective on these Nobel-winning diplomats’ contributions to both fields.