Geneva-based Ambassadors briefed on digital policy

The Geneva Internet Platform and DiploFoundation welcomed Geneva-based Ambassadors for a briefing on digital policy, led by Dr Jovan Kurbalija, on 7 September 2016. The briefing was aimed at ambassadors who have recently presented their credentials in Geneva.

International Geneva is one of the world’s main hubs of digital policy and Internet governance. It is home to many international organisations, and to many policy-making processes on various digital policy issues – from cybersecurity and intellectual property, to child safety and human rights. The briefing provided an overview of the main issues addressed in Geneva, and key resources for the diplomatic community. The briefing included the IG Landscape Tour at the Attic of the WMO building in Geneva, seat of the Geneva Internet Platform.

A second briefing for diplomats and other members of the diplomatic community will be held on 20 September. Learn more.