Diplo’s AI reporting tool showcased at the UN Security Council 

16 May 2023

On 3 May, Diplo provided just-in-time reporting from the UN Security Council’s public debate Futureproofing trust for sustaining peace (UN SC meeting 9315) thanks to its own AI tool, DiploGPT

Diplo deployed its specialised AI reporting system to provide a detailed report of the six-hour meeting. The AI-generated report includes statement summaries, AI-generated Q&A, and a summary report. The report can be found here.

‘Science and new technologies offer us opportunities to better anticipate and understand the risks of today and the opportunities of tomorrow. We must respond to the challenges of the 21st century with 21st century solutions.’

Ignazio Cassis
Head of the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs

By harnessing the power of AI, DiploGPT combines customised algorithms, specialised data sets for diplomacy, and the capabilities of a large language model (LLM) to provide just-in-time diplomatic reporting. 

‘AI reporting will certainly not replace the traditional diplomatic processes but rather enrich them, providing diplomats with valuable insights and information in negotiations and addressing pressing problems of humanity’ 

Dr Jovan Kurbalija
Director of DiploFoundation and conceptual father of DiploGPT

DiploGPT is the culmination of over two decades of rigorous research and application development in the realms of data, AI, and diplomatic communication by Swiss-Maltese organisation Diplo.

By applying this digital innovation to ongoing high-level political debates, Diplo contributes practically to the critical debate on AI and its powerful consequences on peace, diplomacy, and the multilateral system. The adjustment of diplomacy to AI and new technological tools would prepare diplomats for the new era.

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