Diplo conducts training for 52 diplomats in New York

21 June 2023, New York

Diplo, in collaboration with the UN Tech Envoy Office and the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ), conducted a comprehensive training program designed to enhance the digital governance skills of diplomats appointed to the UN in New York. 

The initiative aimed to foster greater awareness and knowledge about digital governance and equip diplomats with the necessary skills required to negotiate future UN digital documents, including the Global Digital Compact.

The training, attended by 52 diplomats, prioritised representatives from small and developing countries to ensure that these nations also have a voice in the global digital space.

Through the use of Diplo’s multi-layered technology, the training curriculum provided a progressive learning experience, covering fundamental concepts, delving deeper into digital and artificial intelligence (AI) issues, and ultimately focusing on the key areas to be addressed by the Global Digital Compact.

The training program spanned two days of intensive workshops, addressing a wide array of topics critical to the understanding of digital governance and its impact on the global stage. Some of the areas covered during the workshops included:

  • Internet technology and policy 
  • Digital inclusion
  • Data governance
  • Trust, safety and security in the digital space
  • Human rights online 
  • Global digital commons
  • Artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies 
  • Data, technology, and sustainable development

For more information on the training, visit the dedicated event page.

Photo with participants from training on Global Digital Compact and Digital Governance (New York, June 2023)

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