Virdzinija Saveska


Has diplomatic reporting shifted from narrative to data?

15 June 2017

Information has always been at the core of diplomacy. The increase in quantity and quality of information on which states and other actors in international relations can rely for decision-making presents an opportunit...

[WebDebate #13 summary] A new bilateralism in a changing world

12 June 2017

Our June WebDebate A New Bilateralism in a Changing World took place on 6 June 2017. The emerging trend of isolationism and skepticism toward multilateralism has helped revive interest in the subject of bilateral di...

[WebDebate #12 summary] Standardisation: Practical solutions for strained negotiations, or an arena for realpolitik?

07 May 2017

Our May WebDebate looked at standards as tools for managing international relations and discussed the process of negotiating and implementing the standards. Standards define our everyday lives in ways most people do n...