Marco Preda

Expert for digital and start-up economy

As the Chief Digital and Transformation Officer in the private sector, Marco Preda has wielded his expertise across Luxury, Fashion, and Consumer Goods domains, steering major Blue Chip companies towards global tranformation.

Over the past two decades, Marco has been a catalyst for change, revolutionizing the Retail landscape through pioneering initiatives such as launching ecommerce and introducing social media community management for brands like Ralph Lauren, Sotheby’s, Foot Locker, Coach and Diageo.

In his recent endeavors, Marco has been at the forefront of introducing Blockchain and NFT technologies to the retail industry, championing product traceability, authenticity and community engagement.

Marco extends his expertise as an independent Board Member for start-up companies in England, Switzerland, and Italy, fostering their growth trajectories and offering invaluable guidance to their
management teams.

Additionally, he shares his knowledge through lectures at prestigious institutions such as Cedep, the Sotheby’s Institute of Art and private companies.

Marco holds a BA in Business economics and an Master of Business Administration from Bocconi University.