Daniel Beaudoin

Senior Lecturer and Researcher, Tel Aviv University

Daniel Beaudoin is a consultant on humanitarian diplomacy and civil-military affairs, as well as a lecturer on humanitarian diplomacy and aid operations at Tel Aviv University. Daniel has served as the Principal Liaison Officer for the coordination and facilitation of international humanitarian aid operations and economic development programs in the Occupied Territories. This position entailed intensive humanitarian mediation with the UN, World Bank, International Committee of the Red Cross, the US Agency for International Development, European Union, international NGOs as well as embassies and consulates. Daniel also has extensive media relations experience, having headed the foreign correspondents desk for the Israeli Military Spokesperson’s office.  His current research interests include network theory and its relevance to the humanitarian industry, as well as questions relating to the humanitarian diplomatic strategies adopted by the various aid actors, and how these strategies influence their ability to implement their respective humanitarian policies in the field.