Abobakr Sultan

ICT Consultant

Dr Abobakr Sultan holds a PhD in Communication Engineering from the University of Leeds, UK. After graduating from the University of Cairo, he contributed to the start-up of the electronics industry in Egypt. In 1975, he joined the Research Centre of the Faculty of Engineering at the KSU University in Riyadh as a researcher.

From 2000 to 2022, he worked at the UNDP in Saudi Arabia as an ICT consultant for MOFA.

Sultan has been a Life-Senior Member of the IEE since 2008, and has vast experience in ITC, quality control, and R&D.

He has published a translation of the IEEE book The Future of Personal Communications, a book on the transition to an information society (in Arabic), co-authored a book on electrical engineering in English, and authored two books on knowledge management and knowledge economy. Sultan also authored and co-authored more than 150 scientific papers in Arabic and English.

He received, with two other authors, an award for the best scientific paper from the IEE. He also received a certificate of appreciation from HRH the late foreign minister of Saudi Arabia, for his contributions in the adoption of ICT in MOFA.

He and Prof. A. Al Ruwais were granted the US patent #USP 8.478.529.