Diplo conducts multidisciplinary research in public diplomacy. It is evidence-based research with a strong focus on practice in public diplomacy institutions worldwide. Diplo's research niche is research on the needs of countries with limited and financial resoruces for conducting comprehensive public diplomacy campaigns. Diplo's research complement current research in the field of PD that focuses mainly on the position and experience of the major players (Untied States, UK, China).

Research activities include:

Academic research by Diplo's academic staff

MA thesis written by students

In the collection of MA thesis the following titles deal with public diplomacy related issues:

Public Diplomacy and Nation Brand | The Positive Branding of Islam: A Case Study of Islamic Countries, their Public Diplomacy Efforts and Effectiveness | Establishment of Public Diplomacy in Slovakia: An Effective New Approach | The Role of Information and Communication Technologies in Diplomacy and Diplomatic Service  The Role of the Beijing Olympics in China's Public Diplomacy and its Impact on Politics, Economics and Environment  | Cultural Diplomacy An Essential and Creative Component in the Toolkit of Contemporary Diplomacy | The Role of Public Diplomacy in the Resolution of African Disputes: Civil Society Action in Sierra Leone | Virtual Diplomacy: Diplomacy of the Digital Age

Conferences and panels

Latest events on public diplomacy. You can consult the previous events on public diplomacy.

Publications (see books)


Currently, the main focus of Diplo's research is on an impact of the Internet on public diplomacy.

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