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There is no specific module on Secretaries-General when we speak about the institutional dimensions of the United Nations in Diplo’s course on 

Stalin would not have listened to his advisers had they told him, between two consecutive death sentences, to be careful what he wished for!

At present, with a bit of effort, the media can fabricate ephemeral legends daily. But the genuine legends are those that outlast the tests of time and the winds of history.

Very few international writers have ever cared to study the scale of assessments of the United Nations.

The world is looking at the United Nations through distorting lenses. People are used to seeing just a part of it at first sight.

The Internet has expanded the ability for online users to communicate, participate, engage, and share.

Two interesting articles by Prof.

Zenja Basagi explores the history of  Burundi, and reasons for the conflict.


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