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In this short interview from June 2013, Mohamed Keramot Ali, Field Coordinator of the Community-based Development Initiatives (CDI) Program at the Bangladesh Red Crescent Society, explains how he p

Who is a refugee? Who should be offered protection from human suffering? Much depends on how we define legal concepts.

Allow me to paraphrase John F. Kennedy in my way and say: My fellow Diplo lecturers, praise not what you can ask the students, praise what the students can ask you!

ICANN’s policy on the special protection of the Red Cross and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) names has triggered a very lively discussion including contributions by

The registration of websites is handled in different ways in different countries under rules set by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), but in general it is evident tha

In a 15-minute presentation, Ambassador Lamb spoke about the concept of humanitarian diplomacy, stressing the relevance of persuasion, advocacy, and negotiations.


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