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[Webinar] How does the enormous surveillance power affect Internet users worldwide?

26 June 2013 -


Event description

The recent reports confirming the existence of PRISM, the surveillance program operated by the US National Security Agency, have shook the international online community since classified documents were leaked to the press.

[Update] The digest, webinar recording and speaker's presentation are available here.

Much of the US media coverage of PRISM has concentrated on the program’s impact on the constitutional rights of US Internet users. But what about the billions of Internet users around the world whose private information is stored on US servers, or whose data travels across US networks?

Our June webinar, hosted by privacy expert Katitza Rodriguez, international rights director at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, will look at how the information disclosed by the NSA leaks affect the international community, and how this highlights one part of an international system of surveillance that dissolves the national privacy protections we have, wherever we live.

Join us next Wednesday 26th June, at 15:00 GMT. Participants will be able to discuss the topic with our host. Attendance is free.

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