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[Webinar-2013] Diplomacy and the invention of telephony and wireless communication

26 July 2013


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Webinar Announcement

The telephone facilitated close contact among heads of state, including various ‘red lines’for urgent communication. Wireless communication – mainly radio – was used by late arrivals to global telecom geo-politics (mainly Germany) to close the gap with established ‘cable powers’ (e.g. the United Kingdom). 

Some diplomatic issues – security, privacy, neutrality – that were raised in the international policy surrounding telephony and wireless communication are still discussed today in the context of Internet governance.  

We are looking forward to e-seeing you on Friday, July 26th at 13:00 GMT (15:00 CET) before the summer break, as we continue to navigate through the evolution of diplomacy. Our next webinar will be in September 2013.