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[WebDebate] The UN at 75: Evolution or revolution?

01 September 2020


Event description

[Update] The digest and recording of this WebDebate are now available.

This year is the 75th anniversary of the United Nations, and we are marking the occasion with a Webdebate on the past and the future of the organisation. 

By looking back at the past 75 years of the world organisation, we will try to answer an important question: Are we seeing an evolution or a revolution in some of the key UN topics and how they are addressed?


Registrations for this event are now closed. You can watch it live on YouTube and Facebook.

The past 75 years vs the last 7.5 months: The need to respond to COVID-19 and the tremendous impact the crisis had on almost all aspects of life around the world, highlighted the crucial importance of the UN. To what extent are the past 75 years reflected in the past 7.5 months? 

Our discussion will focus on three core pillars of the UN: peace and security, human rights, and sustainable development. We will also explore how these three pillars are increasingly connected via the emerging theme of digital co-operation

Questions around peace and security, and human rights, have been with the organisation from its inception, while sustainable development and digital co-operation are more recent topics on the UN’s agenda. In each case, we look back at past developments in order to reflect on future ones. Are we witnessing an evolution or a revolution, and how have the past 7.5 months further shaped these topics?

Join us on Tuesday, 1st September, at 12:00 UTC (08:00 EDT | 14:00 CEST | 20:00 CST). 

Registrations for this event are now closed. You can watch it live on YouTube:

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and Facebook.


Dr Jovan Kurbalija – Executive Director, DiploFoundation | Head, Geneva Internet Platform (GIP) | former Executive Director of the Secretariat of the UN High-level Panel on Digital Cooperation (2018-19)

Mr Marc Limon – Executive Director, Universal Rights Group (URG) | diplomat at the UN Human Rights Council between (2006 – 2012)

Ambassador Asoke Mukerji  India’s ambassador and permanent representative to the UN in New York from 2013 to 2015

Ms Irena Zubčević – Chief, Intergovernmental Policy and Review Branch, Office of Intergovernmental Support and Coordination for Sustainable Development, UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs


Dr Katharina Höne – Senior Researcher and Lecturer, DiploFoundation

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