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Science in Perspective talk: Internet and Trust

09 May 2017 -

Zurich, Switzerland

Event description

The Internet relies on so many layers of trust that one is sometimes surprised that the Internet actually works. In the Internet architecture, all parts of the networking infrastructure have to trust each other in order to enable efficient data communication. DiploFoundation director and Geneva Internet Platform head Dr Jovan Kurbalija will be part of a panel on Internet and Trust, organised by ETH Zurich.

How to design trust relationships on the Internet does not only raise questions of speed, efficiency, reliability and security. It also has implications for societal problems such as surveillance, anonymity, privacy, and competition.

[Update] Watch the video recording from the event.

This Science in Perspective panel will use examples such as Tor, the Great Firewall, BGP attacks, and network neutrality in order to discuss questions such as: What is trust? In what institutions do we need to trust? How much do we need to trust? Who should determine the appropriate levels of trust? To what extent can computer scientists solve these issues, and what is the role of law and social sciences in these debates?

The panel will discuss current hot topics in networking from an interdisciplinary perspective. The event will take place at ETH Zurich.

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