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International Geneva : Can we beat the chimps with data and statistics?

26 January 2023


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For the summary and outcome of the conference, kindly visit the official page.

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From Project Rosling event announcement:

With 39 international organisations and 432 non-governmental organisations, a lot of data is collected and processed in Geneva. What better place to kickstart discussions on Project Rosling and work towards our goal to make fact-based decisions?

Hans Rosling repeatedly proved that not only Swedish students, but experts from many areas, media and various other players know statistically significantly less about the world than chimpanzees. Let’s accept this challenge! International Geneva, how can we make sure we beat the chimps?

The first Project Rosling event, organized by the Swiss Confederation in cooperation with the World Health Organization, invites you to be part of the conversation on the richness that data and statistics can provide us. We will dive in four of our workstreams, namely Health data, Financing data, Data Stewardship and Data science. Check our programme and our exciting speakers and do not forget to REGISTER HERE latest by 15 January 2023. The event is open to everyone so stop hesitating!

See you there!