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IGF 2021: Cyber Stability Games: Learning the Complexities of Technical Attribution (Day 0, Event #41)

06 December 2021

Event description

‘Cyber Stability Games’ is a capacity-building exercise organised by Diplo and Kaspersky to help professionals without a technical background to learn about the complexities of technical attribution

The Cyber Stability Games, which are based on Kaspersky Interactive Protection Simulation (KIPS), places players in a simulated environment where participants face a series of unexpected cyberthreats while trying to maintain confidence. KIPS, as a ‘detective learning exercise’, teaches players to build a cyber-defence strategy by offering them choices from best proactive and reactive available controls.

KIPS simulates a scenario where participants, who play diplomats in a fictional world, face attacks on the UN First Committee (which deals with matters of disarmament, global challenges and threats (including cyberspace), and maintaining world peace and international security).

Decisions made by players (through five turns) will either lead them to the most accurate technical analysis and help understand who is the culprit by collecting technical pieces of evidence, or will spark greater uncertainty and cyber instability if the riddle is not solved.

For more information and to register for the event, please visit the official IGF website.