Empowering Africa Digital Diplomacy

05 July 2023


Event description

Today’s diplomacy is greatly impacted by digital technology, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. Digital technologies multiply and amplify the number of voices and accelerate the pace of dissemination of information in international policymaking and diplomacy. In addition, these technologies enable faster and more cost-effective delivery of traditional diplomatic services. It is, therefore, imperative that stakeholders discuss the issues arising from the interaction of technologies and diplomacy.

The webinar will explore digital technologies and their impact on Africa’s diplomatic space and will discuss the following:

  • Digital priorities in foreign policies and international relations,
  • Specific international digital governance processes,
  • Ways to strengthen the participation of African stakeholders in International Geneva,
  • Economic and development considerations in bilateral and multilateral relations,
  • Strengthening of the whole-of-government approach,
  • Facilitation of the whole-of-society approach,
  • Ways to foster coordinated positions in international digital governance, and
  • Long-term approaches for building the next generation of diplomats and policymakers’ academic, research and digital policy capacities.

This event will bring together Diplo alumni and stakeholders from government, civil society, the private sector, donor agencies, and academia.

Register to join us on Wednesday, 5 July, 16:00-17:00 EAT (13:00-14:00 UTC).