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Diplo director at ITAPA 2017

14 November 2017 - 15 November 2017

Bratislava, Slovakia

Event description

The 2017 Information Technologies and Public Administration (ITAPA) international congress is a two-day event held under the auspices of of top government representatives and IT business companies in Slovakia. Diplo Director Jovan Kurbalija will deliver a keynote speech during the Technology and HumanITy session on ‘Three’s company: The Internet, geopolitics, and international relations’.

[Update] View the recording of Dr Kurbalija’s intervention:

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and download the presentation.

Digital realpolitik is emerging fast. Major actors are adopting a ‘bottom line’ approach based on money and power. Governments are trying to reaffirm their presence in the digital space. Cybersecurity is highligted on the agenda of the UN and other negotiations forums. The Internet industry is under a lot of pressure to pay taxes and create jobs. Dr Kurbalija’s intervention will map the main shifts towards digital realpolitik and the roles of the main global actors.

ITAPA events have been taking place in Slovaka since 2002.

For details on this year’s congress, visit ITAPA’s website.