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Diplo and the GIP at COBISS 2016 Conference

22 November 2016 - 23 November 2016

Maribor, Slovenia

Event description

DiploFoundation director Geneva Internet Platform head and DiploFoundation director Dr Jovan Kurbalija will be present at COBISS 2016. His presentation, on 22 November, will tackle ‘How to keep libraries in the digital era’. GIP Digital Watch curator Aida Mahmutovic will also participate, with a presentation on the South Eastern European Dialog on Internet Governance (SEEDIG).

The 2016 international conference of the Co-operative Online Bibliographic Systems and Services (COBISS), is taking place in Maribor, Slovenia, on 22-23 November. COBISS 2016 is being organised by the Institute of Information Science (IZUM) in Maribor.

Following the programmes of previous conferences, current topics will be discussed on the first day, while the second day will see discussions on more specific contentual and technological topics. The conference will also present a networking opportunity. Topics include the role of libraries in the digital era, the challenges of cataloguing in an interconnected world, and the role of librarianship.

For the conference programme and more details about the conference, visit the COBISS 2016 website.