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Digital Middle Powers: What Strategies in the Global Tech Competition?

24 February 2023


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IFRI's publication The Technology Policies of Digital Middle Powers, which includes Marilia Maciel's article Brazil: A “Soft” Digital Power is now available.

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In an international context characterised by the ever-growing US-China economic rivalry and technological competition, states caught in the middle of this competition are increasingly having to determine which side they are on. 

Digital middle powers are caught in the middle of the power play between competing models, in an emerging multipolar international system where digital technology is a determining factor of power.

This webinar will explore the strategies of several of these “swing states” – such as Brazil, India, Israel, Japan, Kenya, Russia and the UK – and discuss the main findings of IFRI’s upcoming study on this topic: The Technology Policies of Digital Middle Powers.

Diplo’s Marilia Maciel (Head – Digital Commerce and Internet Policy) will participate in this debate by the French Institute of International Relations (IFRI).

The webinar will be held on Zoom, in English, on Friday, 24 February, 10:00–11:30 CET.

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