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Arab Preparations for the WSIS+20 Review and Global Digital Compact Processes

Event description

Arab Consultative Conference and Expert Meetings on the WSIS+20 Review and Global Digital Compact Processes

Hybrid in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 21-23 May 2024

Jovan Kurbalija mentioned the following resources in his keynote address:

Logos of the UNCWAS conference in Dubai

About Conference

The open Consultative Conference aims at gathering the multi-stakeholders’ views (Arab bodies and international organizations, Arab countries government representatives, the business sector, multinational companies, academic institutions, funding agencies, and other relevant and interested parties) on the World Summit on Information Society +20 review.

It will also include a consultation session on the global digital compact process in relation to the WSIS+20 Review.

After the Opening Session, the first session sheds light on the role of the Commission on Science and Technology for Development (CSTD), and presents the World Summit on Information Society, the Global Internet Governance Forum processes on one side, as well as the digital cooperation process, the Global Digital Compact, and the Summit of the Future Summit processes on the other side. This session paves the road for the following two consultation sessions: one on the WSIS+20 Review and one on the GDC and complementarity with the WSIS process.

Based on the open consultations, a closed joint workshop of government experts is dedicated to drafting the outcome document, which will be submitted to the WSIS+20 high-level event in Geneva in May 2024 and later on to the CSTD in 2025.