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DiploNews – Issue 64 – 27 October 2004

DiploNews – Issue 64 – October 27, 2004

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General Assembly Debate on Multistakeholder Diplomacy

During the 59th session of the General Assembly’s joint debate on UN reform and revitalisation of the Assembly’s work, on October 4, 2004, the Assembly responded to the findings of the Cardoso Panel on UN-Civil Society relations. The Cardoso Panel stressed that NGO action should not supplant the role of governments, and suggested a few measures to facilitate the participation of NGO representatives from developing countries, including establishing a single accreditation process and a single trust fund. Speakers recognised that increased participation from NGOs could improve the outreach and implementation of UN initiatives; expressed concerns related to the fact that NGOs are not democratically elected; and queried whether the nature of NGO participation in the General Assembly and the benefits of this participation had been clearly identified.

For further information, please see a report on the website of the International Institute for Sustainable Development.

Diplomatic Blunders Portal – Call for Contributions

Diplomatic blunders are sometimes just amusing; but more often they are dangerous and may lead to miscommunication or in the worst case, a break-down in diplomatic relations. This collection of blunders is intended to be interesting and also instructive as a showcase of the worst use of language by diplomats and other political figures.

Diplo hosts a portal featuring diplomatic blunders. We have not received any contributions recently to this portal. You can send us any diplomatic blunders you know about, particularly from your own country or region, and we will add them to our collection.

What kind of human being do you want to be? Oxford Muse

The Oxford Muse is a foundation established by the historian and thinker Theodore Zeldin that aims to stimulate conversation, collaboration and creativity in personal, professional and cultural life through the intermediary of the web. As with the Muses of antiquity, the Oxford Muse aims to inspire rather than instruct. It plans to provide individualised access to other civilisations, so that each member becomes an ambassador between cultures. It prepares those already working to be a new style of intermediary or leader with a global vision, able to create synergies between people from different disciplines or cultures. For those entering the world of work, or college, it helps each one to develop their own broader models of what work can do for them and what kind of human beings they want to be.

Uganda’s Leader Criticises his Ambassadors’ Drinking Habits!

President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda criticised his country’s ambassadors for their drinking habits, during a business meeting at Makerere University. A BBC article on October 11, 2004, quotes the president: “Ambassadors specialise in drinking champagne and forget to promote investment, trade [and] tourism.” According to the BBC article, Museveni is known for his blunt speech, but usually reserves his criticism for foreign diplomats posted in Uganda.

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