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DiploNews – Issue 39 – 28 September 2001

DiploNews – Issue 39 – September 28, 2001

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DiploProjects is organising a competition for the best website in the diplomatic community. The aim of this competition is to promote web-culture and awareness among diplomats and diplomatic services. Website users and a panel of experts will examine websites of diplomatic services to find those which best fulfill their objectives in disseminating relevant and up-to-date information to both the diplomatic community and the general public, efficiently and elegantly.

Read more about DiploAward 2001.

New Trend in US Diplomacy

A BBC News reportof September 5 discusses the new role the US is adopting in international conference diplomacy. Following the World Conference against Racism in Durban, African-American lobby groups accused their government of taking a "spoiling role" in such conferences. "Citing both the climate change conference and the negotiations on the use of land mines, they  said that the United States Government had developed a habit of taking part in the early stages of negotiations, so as to influence the text as much as possible in their favour, but then pulling out or refusing to ratify, or implement the final resolutions."

Second International Conference on Web-Management in Diplomacy

In recent years, as the importance of the Internet has grown and the number of users increased, the Internet has become an important public diplomacy tool for diplomatic services. Many diplomatic services have entered this terra nulius and developed websites without any previous knowledge or experience, using a trial-and-error approach. The increasing demand for information via the web, as well as the increasing quantity of information available require a professional and consistent management approach.

The Second International Conference on Web-Management in Diplomacy will take place in Malta in February 2002. Read more about Web Management 2002 at conference website.

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