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DiploNews – Issue 35 – 5 June 2001

DiploNews – Issue 35 – June 5, 2001

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The Internet and Small Countries

An article in Le Nouvel Hebdo, by Sebastien Fumaroli, entitled "Web Diplomacy, A Helpful Approach for Small Countries", (original French title "La web diplomatie, une voix de secours pour les petits pays") outlines the growing role of the Internet in international negotiations. Participation in modern multilateral diplomacy requires attendance at an increasing number of international meetings, which is beyond the resources of many small and developing countries. However, if the early stages of negotiation are supplemented via the Internet, many of these countries may be able to ensure that their contributions receive consideration, even if they cannot attend the meetings themselves. The article continues: "It is within this context that the Mediterranean Academy of Diplomatic Studies at the University of Malta develops since 1998 a study concept called DiploProject which is aimed at promoting the use of the Internet in diplomatic negotiations. It seeks to train young diplomats from less influential countries with a view to enabling them to fully participate in the concert of nations." The article quotes Jovan Kurbalija, director of Diploprojects: "The Internet and diplomacy have the same genes: they consist of interaction and information."

To read the original text in French, visit website.

For an English translation, visit website.

Women in Diplomacy

The British Foreign Office has released the second edition of its report Women in Diplomacy, which examines reasons that despite the opening of the Foreign service to women in 1946, women remain under-represented in the FCO's work force. The article outlines the history of women's work within the FCO, recent improvements, and plans to introduce policies to ensure that in the near future women are equally represented at all levels of the service.

To read the entire article, please visit website.

Thank you to Stefano Baldi for bringing this article to our attention.

OECD Workshop on IT Security Management

Due to the growing exposure of international organisations to security threats, the OECD organised a workshop on IT Security Management for international organisations and others involved in diplomacy, held on April 19 and 20, 2001. The workshop was attended by 19 representatives of OECD member states and representatives of 11 international organisations.

You can consult the preliminary report on the workshop and add hypertext comments at website.

Thank you to Guido Maccari for providing us with this report.

Language, Diplomacy and the Second World War

M. Pascual, a speaker at our January 2001 conference on Language and Diplomacy, has written a paper on the topic of langauge and diplomacy to be opened for hypertext discussion. The paper examines relations between the Germans and French prior to the Second World War based on the exchanges of correspondence and diplomatic documents. The paper is entitled "Existe-t-il des finalités a la diplomatie?"

You can read this paper and add hypertext comments at website.

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