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DiploNews – Issue 32 – 6 April 2001

DiploNews – Issue 32 – April 6, 2001

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Conference on Web-Management in Diplomacy – Follow-up

Following the International Conference on Web-Management in Diplomacy (9 – 11 February 2001), materials from the conference presentations are now available online, as links from the conference program, on the conference website.

DSP Papers Online

John D. Stempel's paper "Faith, Diplomacy and the International System" is now available online in hypertext format, as part of the Diplomatic Studies Programme Discussion Papers Online initiative. This paper examines the role of religion in contemporary international relations and diplomacy, both as a cause of conflict and a source of conflict resolution.

You may read the paper and contribute your views through hypertext.

For a Digital Marshall Plan

In a March 28, 2001, article in the Christian Science Monitor, Jamie Frederic Metzl criticizes the new foreign policy rhetoric of the Bush administration. He advocates a greater commitment to creating dialogue between societies, reflecting the revolutionary changes and new potentials made possible through information technology. "This democratization of access to information and communications gives populations a greater potential voice in world affairs and challenges traditional conceptions of foreign policy as a series of relationships between diplomats. Unlike during the cold war years, global engagement now exists between societies
themselves on multiple levels." Metzl points out that: "Placing dialogue at the center of our foreign policy would require that we put considerable human and financial capital, both public and private, into helping connect the world's poorest populations to the Internet – a digital Marshall Plan to allow them the most basic participatory tools."

Read then entire artice at website.

Thank you to Greg Hansen for bringing this article to our attention.

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