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DiploNews – Issue 124 – 5 August 2008

DiploNews – Issue 124 – August 5, 2008

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Upcoming Courses

The 2009 Master Degree/PGD in Contemporary Diplomacy

You are invited to apply for the popular Master/Postgraduate Diploma in Contemporary Diplomacy, offered through the University of Malta. This blended learning programme offers a valuable opportunity for diplomats and other international relations professionals to continue studies while remaining on the job.

Please note the application deadline: 15 October 2008.

Autumn 2008 Courses

In the autumn, Diplo is offering the following online courses, beginning the week of October 13:

  • 21st Century Diplomacy
  • Development Diplomacy NEW
  • Diplomacy of Small States
  • Diplomatic Law: Privileges and Immunities

These courses are available as University of Malta accredited courses (application deadline: August 11) and Diplo Certificate Courses (application deadline: September 8).

For further information, click on the titles of the courses above, or visit our courses website.

A Wiki for Diplomats

Diplopedia is a wiki open to the contributions of all who work in the United States State Department. With more than 4,400 articles, Diplopedia contains information of interest to State Department staff, ranging from high-minded material like “Foreign Affairs Professional Reading List” to mundane items like “Building Pass.” The advantages to staff in efficiency and in saving paper are obvious, but it has required a leap of faith. For, theoretically at least, anyone at the State Department can edit material. However, unlike Wikipedia, Diplopedia does not allow anonymous contributors. The site contains no classified information, but is not available to the public.

Apparently, the advantage of using Diplopedia does not lie in the ease of creating new material, but in the ease of finding information. Statesmen and stateswomen headed for meetings can readily find information regarding the issues on the table or the people who they will meet there. Since its introduction in 2006, Diplopedia has had impressive growth. There are 1,000 registered users, 650,000 total page views, and, lately, 20,000 new page views a week.

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