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Diplo’s AI and Data Lab keeps a daily log as we develop new tools, test existing ones, and explore technological possibilities.

We want to share these insights with the wider public in order to address the growing ‘mythologisation’ of AI and technology in general.

Tech myths may be, at least, a minor distortion of reality. At their worst, tech myths could cause confusion in society and lead to misdirected efforts to use technology.

A false belief in AI can eventually cause people to lose faith in it and the important applications that AI and technology can have for society.

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20 September 2022

Can AI draft GOOD texts?

Occasionally, especially during the summer lull, there is avalanche of text on new tech frontiers such as AI drafting texts.  Typically, articles feature stories about GPT-models of Open AI writing articles instead of journalists or researchers. After praising the amazing success of AI platform, there is often a caveat in small print that text had to be edited. In practice, it means that out of many sentences a few were selected and put into the final narrative. 

We did a test by asking two leading platforms GPT3 and Bloom wo draft text on cybersecurity and diplomacy. In this field, we have solid domain expertise provided by tech specialists, diplomats, and academics.

We received row text where we highlighted sentences that make sense to be included in the future speech as you can see here for Bloom and GPT3. After that, we compile new text which would make sense linguistically. All of this except the initial row text is done by humans. One can read final text. But, it reminds us of students with weak knowledge of a subject trying to pass exam by playing with words. Sometimes, it can work.

Being aware of these limits of the current AI and the ultimate limits of technology in this field, we have opted for a hybrid or augmented system of combnining human and artificial intelligence. We develop ‘knowledsge proximity’ approach where we put in close proximity domain expertise, linguistical skills, and power of AI. You can consult this system here.

Let us know your experience on natural language processing, machine learning, and AI in general!