We recognise that time is limited. People lead busy lives. And against this time deficit, we also need to stay current with what's happening in the world and take time to reflect on changes and developments.

With this in mind, DiploFoundation and the Diplomatic Institute of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs joined forces to develop a series of advanced diplomatic webinars in 2013. Each webinar included a short background document and an interactive video presentation followed by a Q&A session.

In these two series we addressed the challenges of modern diplomacy from two perspectives: evolution of diplomacy and technology - we dug into history in order to see what we could use in addressing modern diplomatic problems; social media and diplomacy - focused on the use of modern social media tools in diplomacy (e.g. twitter, facebook, blogs, wiki).

Current webinars include:

  • the Geneva Briefing on Internet Governance  which takes place on the first Tuesday of every month: information is on the Geneva Internet Platform site 
  • Internet Governance - organised by Diplo's Internet Governance community, which is generally on the last Tuesday of each month 
  • For more information register in Diplo's webinar mailing list (right column of this page).  


Webinars in 2013

  • Diplomacy and information gathering in the 'post-Snowden' era                                 Webinar digest and the recording of the webinar
    [29 November 2013 - 15.00 CET]
  • Big data and cyber diplomats: big opportunites or big problems                                         Webinar digest and the recording of the webinar
    [11 October  2013 - 15.00 CET]


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