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By on 31 Jul, 2018 | From the channel/s: Data Reflections

‘If we are not counted, we do not count, and we remain invisible’

- Representative of the Stakeholder Group of Persons with Disabilities


By on 31 Jul, 2018 | From the channel/s: Internet Governance

Technology has great potential to help deliver the SDGs, but it can also be at the root of exclusion and inequality. We need to harness the benefits of advanced technologies for all.

UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, at the closing of the 2018 High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development

By on 14 Jul, 2017 | From the channel/s: E-Diplomacy, Internet Governance

Social life is a complex phenomenon, whether we are looking at offline or online interactions. We identify. We form groups. We sense belonging. We dislike. We exclude. Without evident reasons, we feel connected to some and disconnected to others. As inherent functions of social life, social groups have been created and dismantled. They become coherent and diffuse, as if compressed and decompressed in a continuous accordion play.

By on 16 May, 2017 | From the channel/s: Data Reflections, Diplomacy, E-Diplomacy

Digital devices play an increasingly central role in many people's lives and analogue tools are becoming quickly outdated. Phone books, travel agencies, and taxi companies are becoming obsolete with the advent of mobile phones, Airbnb, Uber, and countless other online solutions. With the advent of the Internet of Things, not only are our obvious digital devices – phones, tablets, and laptops – becoming linked to the Internet, but so are our formerly analogue tools – doors, fridges, and thermostats.

By on 08 Mar, 2017 | From the channel/s: E-Diplomacy, Internet Governance

Discussions about fake news, ignited right after the US Presidential election in November 2016, have continued to dominate the public debate, as Internet companies increasingly face backlash over the spread of fake news on their platforms.

By on 12 Jan, 2017 | From the channel/s: Diplomacy, E-Diplomacy

Filter bubbles describe how our online experiences are taking place in a tailor-made, personalised world that shows like-minded visions and hides views we might not agree with. In 2016, discussions about filter bubbles were on a rise, growing in force with Brexit, and exploding after the victory of President-elect Trump.

By on 09 Dec, 2016 | From the channel/s: Internet Governance

A report from the luncheon event on the occasion of the second meeting of the UN GGE

By on 20 Sep, 2016 | From the channel/s: Internet Governance

Why has Pokémon Go become such an ‘instant’ success? How does it - and augmented reality in general - affect different areas in digital policy? And what will augmented reality (AR) look like in the future? These questions - and more - were in focus during our webinar on Pokémon politics: Digital policy in the age of augmented reality, on 15 September.

By on 15 Sep, 2016 | From the channel/s: Diplomacy

Gender equality is undeniably important in diplomacy. The need for women’s political participation has been repeatedly emphasised.


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