Jovan Kurbalija   14 Dec 2011   Diplo Blog

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Possibly more boring than watching paint dry is being asked to look around a newly decorated flat. But we have done more than re-design our new site and we are keen to hear if we have interpreted correctly what we have been hearing from our communities about the facilities we need to provide. I would highlight three elements in particular:

  • we have re-organised and simplified how we present our courses, responding to feedback from our students and alumni. As you can see from the courses section, Internet Governance and other capacity building programmes are presented through one interface.
  • we have put collaborative and social media at the core of the site, reflecting its increasingly central position to our way of working and to Diplomacy more generally. We will be encouraging our community of staff, faculty, and supporters to publish on and through the Interactive Communities section.
  • we have made sure that the whole of Diplo - courses, policy, communities, publications, people - is presented holistically, a truer reflection of Diplo than a more segmented, siloed style.

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