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IGCBP welcomes over 160 participants

14 March 2011

The Internet Governance Capacity Building Programme kicked off successfully last week with over 160 participants from 72 countries. More than 120 are from African, Caribbean and Pacific countries.

The ten groups are already deep in discussion over current Internet governance issues, including the recent events in the Arab region, IPv4 to IPv6 transition, and negotiation aspects of IG, raising awareness in developing countries, and other issues.

Collaborative learning and interaction takes place on Diplo’s online learning platform, designed to support discussions via hypertext entries and online sessions.

The course lasts for 12 weeks. Successful participants will be given the opportunity to apply for the Advanced Phase of the programme.

For more information, visit www.diplomacy.edu/capacity/IG. To learn more about Diplo’s programme for ACP countries, visit www.diplomacy.edu/ACP

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