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To cease or not to cease?

Published on 15 April 2011
Updated on 05 April 2024

The Telegraph reported on Monday that NATO’s ability to defend the rebels would be severely limited if the Africa Union persuaded Gaddafi to observe a ceasefire. On the other hand, Gaddafi has everything to gain.

‘Muammar Gaddafi has everything to gain by accepting the African Union’s (AU) “road map” for a ceasefire, presented to him by Jacob Zuma, the South African president. The opposition forces, on the other hand, have much to lose.

So long as the Libyan leader continues to defy the UN’s demands for an immediate ceasefire, his forces are liable to attack by Nato warplanes. Nato officials yesterday reported that another 25 tanks belonging to Gaddafi’s forces had been destroyed by airstrikes, providing a much-needed boost to the rebels’ efforts to halt advances by the regime. But Nato’s ability to defend the rebels would be severely limited if the AU persuaded Gaddafi to observe a ceasefire and engage in peace talks.’

Read The Telegraph’s full story, ‘Libya: Peace on whose terms?’ here.

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