World Association for Christian Communication

Address: 308 Main Street, Toronto ON, M4C 4X7


Stakeholder group: NGOs and associations

The World Association for Christian Communication (WACC) is a non-governmental organisation dedicated to promoting communication as a basic human right. The organisation, which has members in 120 countries, advocates to full access to information and communication, and promotes open and diverse media.

WACC’s activities cover issues related to access to and use of information and communications technology, as well as digital civil rights. 

It provides financial support for communication projects in developing countries, through initiatives such as 'Digital Frontiers' (dedicated to projects in the Global South that build on citizen journalism using digital media platforms to advance inclusive information and knowledge societies that reflect the realities facing marginalised people) and 'Gender and Communication' (dedicated to supporting  civil society organisations to conduct gender-focussed media monitoring and to engage with media professionals on gender issues in media policy and practice).

The organisation has also launched a Centre for Communication Rights, through which it promotes materials from different sources on various communication related issues, including in relation to the Internet and digital civil rights.