Pacific Telecommunications Council

Address: 914 Coolidge Street, Honolulu, HI 96826-3085 United States of America


The Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC) is an international nonprofit membership organisation dedicated to promoting the advancement and commercial use of information and communications technologies (ICT), services, policies, and knowledge in the Pacific Rim. Members of the organisation include persons and entities having a professional interests in the Pacific region and pertaining to telecommunications, information technology, or related fields.

Through its activities, the PTC aims to motivate and enable its members to conducts trade in facilities, technologies, and services, and to use the power of ICT to improve the quality of life in the Asia-Pacific region. Such activities include, among others, the organisation of conferences, exhibitions, and other forums to promote exchange of information, ideas and views on the commercial, social, economic, and other development needs in the Pacific region; encouraging research, development, and application of technologies, services, and policies especially with a vew to overcome development and competency divides; and developing resources and capabilities needed to achieve its mission.

The Council undertakes several initiatives aimed at supporting its members innovate and grow. Examples include the PTC Young Scholar Program (which aims to support young scholars in the field of ICT), the PTC Broadband Reports (which concentrate on an individual micromarket and offers insights into key features that will push broadband forward), and the PTC Academy (which aims to provide management training to rising industry leaders).