Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Address: New York, United States of America3 Park Avenue, 17th FloorNew York, NY 10016-5997 United States of America


Stakeholder group: NGOs and associations

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is an association of engineers who work together to develop industry standards in a wide range of areas, such as communications, computer technology, consumer electronics, healthcare IT, smart grid, software and systems engineering, and wired and wireless communications. Standards developed by the IEEE are globally recognised and deployed. In addition to standard development activities, the IEEE also organises events and publishes scientific publications related to various aspects of computer sciences, including security and privacy. The Institute runs the so-called Internet Initiative, which was created with the aim to contribute to improving the understanding of technology and its implications and impact on Internet governance issues. Activitis undertaken by the initiative include: supporting the development of open standards to address cybersecurity and privacy challenges; monitoring the technology policy landscape; collaboration with other entities in the Internet ecosystem; and engaging in awareness raising initiatives aimed to assist stakeholders in better understanding public policy issues and processes in the global technical community. Publications produced by the Initiative cover issues such as: cybersecurity, privacy, identity, and more broad Internet governance topic. A Global Internet Governance Monitor is produced weekly by the Initiative to report on significant Internet governance related activities around the world.