Hague Conference on Private International Law

Address: Churchillplein 6b, 2517 JW The Hague, The Netherlands

Website: https://www.hcch.net

The Hague Conference on Private International Law (HccH) is an intergovernmental organisation comprised of 80 members (79 states and the European Union), which work together with the aim to develop and implement common rules of private international law in order to coordinate the relationships between different private law systems in international situations. The organisation also aims to promote international judicial and administrative cooperation in the fields of protection of the family and children, civil procedure and commercial law. 

HccH focuses on: international protection of children, family and property relations; international legal cooperation and litigation; and international commercial and finance law.

One notable initiative of the organisation is the e-Apostille Programme, launched with the aim to develop, promote and assist member states in the implementation of low-cost, operational and secure software models for the issuance and use of electronic apostilles (e-apostilles), and the operation of electronic registers of apostilles.

The harmonisation of legislation and jurisdiction will be a challenge for cross-border Internet exchanges, and the HccH can play an important role in this area.