European NGO Alliance for Child Safety Online

Address: Via Volturno 58 00185 Rome, Italy


Stakeholder group: NGOs and associations

The European NGO Alliance for Child Safety Online (eNACSO) is a network consisting of 23 children’s rights non-governmental organisations from across the EU working for a safer online environment for children. eNACSO's mission is to promote and support advocacy actions at national, European and international level to protect children and promote their rights in relation to the Internet and new technologies.

The organisation's activities cover the following areas: business, children and the Internet (the impact of Internet business models on children, particularly in relation to e-commerce, data collection and privacy); young people, sexual rights and the Internet; the rules governing generic top level domain names such as .kid, .kids, .game, .games, .juegos, .play, .school, toys; child sexual abuse and exploitation online; and children's participation in policy development. 

As part of its advocacy activities, eNACSO is producing and publishing policy papers and recommendations aiming at identifying issues of relevance to children’s rights and ensure that the best possible advice is obtained before the legislative or regulatory procedures get too far advanced. Some examples of issues covered in such documents include: business, children and the Internet, child sexual abuse online, blocking of online child abuse materials, the Internet of Things, localisation services, and citizenship in the digital era.