European eCommerce and Omni Channel Trade Association

Address: Rue d’Arlon 69-71, B-1040 Brussels (Belgium)


Stakeholder group: NGOs and associations

The European eCommerce and Omni Channel Trade Association (EMOTA) brings together online and omni channel trade companies across Europe, with the aim to promote e-commerce and contribute to the removal of barriers to cross-border trade.

The association is active in the EU policy space, where it follows the discussions on e-commerce related policy issues, and it offers feedback and suggestions to policy makers. Over the years, it has elaborated a number of position papers on aspects such as: contract rules, online platforms, cross-border e-commerce, purchase of digital content and tangible goods, processing of personal data, etc. In addition, the organisation publishes annual reports reflecting developments in the area of e-commerce, and it organises e-commerce related events at national and European level.

EMOTA has also launched the European Trustmark for e-Commerce initiative, through which e-commerce providers complying with certain consumer protection criteria and quality standards are granted with a trustmark recognizing such compliance.