Africa Information & Communication Technologies Alliance

Address: CP 9, Jimson Olufuye Street, Airport Rd, behind High Court of Justice, Lugbe, Abuja, Nigeria


The Africa Information & Communication Technologies Alliance (AfICTA) is an alliance of ICT companies, multi-national corporations, associations, organisations, and individuals involved in the ICT sector in Africa. Its mission is to encourage a multistakeholder dialogue aimed to foster ICT-enabled development in Africa, as well as the use of innovative technologies to achieve an information society in Africa.

 AfICTA engages in a number of activities and initiatives aimed at: promoting improvement in digital literacy across Africa, contributing to the realisation of global sustainable development targets for Africa, acting as focal point for Africa ICT advocacy in the global digital economy, supporting dialogue between members and policy makers, and contributing to capacity building by promoting best practices, encouraging regional projects, and sharing data. 

The alliance organises an annual AfICTA summit that brings together governmental representatives, the private sector and other stakeholders in Africa, with the aim to discuss ICT-related challenges and concerns, and exchange experiences and best practices on ICT industry topics, trends, and technologies.