13 - 20 AUGUST 2021

It is dilemma of major tech platforms. Talibans are not affected a lot by social media. They persuade population via traditional - pre-Internet - techniques based on family, social and religious networks.  But, social media presence could matter in their evolution towards 'Taliban 2.0' towards moreintegration, legitimacy and acceptance in international affairs.

To ban or not to ban Taliban on social media?

This seizure opens many security and policy issues: Firstly, how the Taliban will deal with powerful biometric data.? Secondly, how they will use powerful technology for gathering biometric data in future? Thirdly, should military forces - in this case the USA military - be allowed to  collect biometric data from civilians and other non-combatants.   A lot of new issues for  humanitarian community in Geneva and worldwide!

How will Taliban use seized biometric data and devices?

Apple's new system for detecting child pornography triggered a lot of criticism in privacy communities around a few questions: Is it possible to use this system only for detecting child pornography? How to ensure that it does not become a surveillance tool?

Apple's scanning system and privacy risks

It continuous anti-trust battle against Facebook, FTC submitted new evidence with the request that Facebook sells Instagram and WhatsUp

FTC intensifies anti-trust battle against Facebook

There will be more focus on cybersecurity in development projects. 

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Does World Bank announcement makes cybersecurity development issue


Rinse and dry your squash. Slice off the stem and bottom ends of the squash, so that both ends are flat. Slice the squash in half and lightly salt.

How 'digital' should be peacekeeping?