Internet of things

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Establishing standards for IoT devices: Recent examples

Efrat Daskal

Precise agriculture, monitoring water use, remote medicine – these are just some of the developments enabled due to the expanding use of Internet of things (IoT) devices. There is no doubt that IoT devices can impro...

EuroDIG 2019: Highlights from The Hague

Cedric Amon

The challenges in the digital sphere are met with a multitude of calls for action and declarations worldwide. In this spirit, EuroDIG 2019 has sent a strong signal on the need for stakeholders to strengthen their co-o...

[Guest blog] The Internet of Things: keeping pace with technology

What differentiates the Internet of Things (IoT) from today’s Internet-in-general is the belief that one day everything can be online and accessible. The IoT lives connected to the Internet, as we know it today; it ...

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