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What is the future of a cyber detente after Biden and Putin’s Geneva summit?

Jovan Kurbalija

A cyber detente between Russia and the USA started in Geneva with the easing of tensions and kick off of bilateral cybersecurity consultations. Biden and Putin built on the dynamism of successful outcomes in cyber p...

What’s new with cybersecurity negotiations? The second cyber OEWG’s organisational session

Andrijana Gavrilović

Two weeks ago, the second cyber Open-Ended Working Group (OEWG), which will be active until 2025, held its first organisational session to determine how and when it will conduct its work. This second cyber OEWG start...

[New podcast] The Diplomat’s Sofa #1: A breakthrough in UN cybersecurity negotiations with Amb. Jürg Lauber

Welcome to the very first episode of Diplo’s brand new podcast series The Diplomat’s Sofa, where we speak to diplomats about their craft and the latest developments in international diplomacy. For our inaugural e...

Cyber détente in Geneva: Can Biden and Putin ease cyber tensions?

Jovan Kurbalija

Despite the recent cyberattacks on SolarWinds, the Colonial Pipeline, and the meat producer JBS, there is plenty of room for optimism for a cyber deal at the upcoming summit in Geneva between US President Joe Biden an...

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DDoS – Available Weapon of Mass Disruption

The increasing militarisation of cyber-space comes in response to fears of critical damage caused by digital weapons like Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS). Understanding that the botnets are the key platform behind DDoS, we compared the costs of running a large-sca... Read more...