BSIG, which will bring together multiple stakeholder groups, aims to raise awareness on Internet governance (IG) topics through the creation of a supportive learning environment between peers and international experts. The school will also map priori...
 21 Aug 2017



Report on cybersecurity cooperation in the Western Balkans

 Adriana Minovic, Adel Abusara, Eranda Begaj, Vladimir Erceg, Predrag Tasevski, Vladimir Radunovic, Franziska Klopfer , 2016

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The discussion points for Session 4 on 'Two-speed cyber security in the Western Balkans?' included the following topics: How do the existing strategic and legal frameworks for cybersecurity perform in practice: what works, what does not work? W...
 13 Oct 2016

Leading up to this week’s training, they followed a two-month online course and discussion. The capacity development will continue with a policy research phase in which all participants will work on a policy brief related to cybersecurity. The ...
 1 Dec 2014

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