Ambassador Maud Vuyelwa Dlomo was appointed as South Africa’s ambassador to Madagascar in 2016. Prior to this position, she was appointed as Deputy Director-General, Diplomatic Training, Research and Development at South Africa’s Department of Intern...

It’s not a gun that kills someone; it’s the person who pulls the trigger. It’s not Facebook or e-mail that ruins people’s lives, it’s the person who posts the message – or worse still, mindlessly forwards and share...
 30 Aug 2013

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Diplo Foundation ran a second Public Diplomacy workshop in Pretoria (10-14 September) for the South African Directorate of International relations and Cooperation, The workshop aimed to build individual and institutional capacities for conceptualisin...
 10 Sep 2012



As the new South Africa adapts to an ever-changing regional, continental and global environment, this paper reviews current developments against the background of the historic situation and of the evolution of diplomacy world-wide.

Modern Diplomacy. Ed J. Kurbalija (1998)
 Marie Muller , 1998

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