Gender equality is undeniably important in diplomacy. The need for women’s political participation has been repeatedly emphasised. The UN Secretary-General’s 2012 Five-Year Action Agenda stressed the importance of promoting ‘women’s political partici...
 15 Sep 2016

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Why do we need diplomats? Diplomats are members of a profession developed over many centuries. But why do we still need them in a world transformed by electronic communications? This course examines the nature of diplomacy; when it is appropriate;...

Effective bilateral diplomacy is essential to advancing a country’s external interests. Bilateral diplomacy is a key building block of international relations, i.e. the way a pair of countries deals with each other. This course offers a practition...

In recent years, consular and diaspora diplomacy have both emerged as important areas in diplomatic studies; governments are becoming more citizen-centric. Consular diplomacy has gained prominence in many foreign ministries, a dramatic turnaround...



In his dissertation Valeriu Nicolae takes the position that conventional diplomacy needs not only reform, but also the development of efficient approaches towards the prevention and negotiation of interstate/intrastate ethnic conflict. He proposes that a European Roma diplomatic corps may offer a solution in negotiating more sustainable European inclusion policies as well as in resolving inter-ethnic conflicts and in bringing about a change of attitudes within not only diplomatic and political circles, but also within the majority populations in regard to Roma.

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 Valeriu Nicolae , 2006
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