The critical Internet infrastructure is no longer a dry tech-geek topic. It has drawn attention from the wider Internet community through discussions on Internet names and numbers (domain names such as .amazon, .wine), the Internet of Things (sel...
Start date:   20 Jul 2020
The correlations between the IPR protection regime on one side, and innovation and growth on the other, were the main topics explored on 19 March at a roundtable on Open Innovation in the Proprietary World. The event was organised in the framework of...
 27 Mar 2015

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I unpacked my souvenirs from Abuja, and realised my best memories were not of Nigeria and Africa, but of Nigerians and Africans. I had just arrived, exhausted and jet-lagged from the IDLELO 5's Free and Open Source Foundation For Africa Conferenc...
 29 Mar 2012

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