Diplomacy is tasked to continuously adapt to an ever-changing world. And today’s world seems to increasingly evolve around data. Data is often perceived as an unstoppable force for innovation, a defining element of modern society, and even the ‘new o...

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The critical Internet infrastructure is no longer a dry tech-geek topic. It has drawn attention from the wider Internet community through discussions on Internet names and numbers (domain names such as .amazon, .wine), the Internet of Things (sel...

"Open Data is a simple concept. Organisations holding datasets should place them online, in machine-readable formats, and under licenses that let anyone re-use them. Advocates explain that this brings a myriad of benefits. For example, rather than fi...
 10 Jun 2013

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Open Gov / Open Data initiatives are more relevant in a national context than at an international level. This was the motion for the third debate that took place on 21 May 2013 during Diplo’s E-Participation Webinar. The recording of this debate is ...
 26 May 2013

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The rapid rise of the Internet has encouraged the use of open, real-time, and linked data to help understand
and improve development processes.The advancement of data use for development without an Internet governance framework, however, raises the importance of inclusion of the most marginalized, as well as privacy and security. This paper will examine such issues, as well as the role inter-governmental organisations can play in helping to encourage the use of data while supporting the protection of privacy and security.

Internet governance research paper
 Keisha Taylor, 2010
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