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Terrorists are using the Internet for a wide-range of purposes. On the operational side, terrorist organisations use ICTs for internal communication and fundraising, while on the public relations side, the Internet has proven to be an effective vehicle for disseminating and promoting terrorist ideologies. The spread of extremist propaganda over the Internet can have severe effects in the offline world, with last month’s shooting in Orlando a grave example of what online radicalisation can lead to.

The CONNECTing the Dots conference at UNESCO’s headquarters in Paris, on 3-4 March, concluded with the adoption of a

UNESCO’s CONNECTing the Dots conference continued yesterday afternoon with eight break-out sessions on access, priva

[Update] The Rapporteur's summary of the panel discussion, including the speakers' complete interventions,

[Update] Read the conference's outcome

When it comes to poor taste, 20-year-old Matthew Woods has plenty. This is the chap who posted offensive comments about missing five-year-old Welsh girl,April Jones, on his Facebook page.

[Update] Scroll down to the section 'Also of Interest' below to read the webinar digest, where you can also watch/download an audio/video recording of th

His own personal website censored by government, his car vandalised, and his supporters’ initiatives blocked. Yet, he found a unique way of circumventing the censorship.

Online Freedom of Expression is one of the most controversial issues right now.


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